The Untold Story of the Scott Peterson Investigation

One of the more media hyped crimes of the last decade is the Scott Peterson investigation for the murder of Laci Peterson. A pregnant women who was missing for four months until her body washed up on a beach. Laci Peterson was 8 months pregnant at the time of her disappearance and her family knew her so well that they instantly knew there was a problem when she came up missing. Laci Peterson came up missing on Christmas Eve of 2002.

When the police got involved in the investigation they immediately questioned Scott where he made a fatal mistake; he provided an alibi before the homicide detectives investigating the case even asked for one. From the start, the actions of Scott Peterson change the type of investigation from that of a missing person to that of a murder investigation.

Scott left no hard to find evidence for the police. He may as well of confessed to the murder.

On Death Row For Capital Murder – Blaine Milam

Blaine Milam was found guilty for the torture and murder of a 13 month old toddler. The crime took place in Montgomery County, Texas. The mother of the slain child, Jessica Carson, was sentenced to life without parole for her complicity in the murder.

According to reports, they killed the baby in some form of exorcism due to the fact they felt that young Aurora Carson had demon spirits within her. When this type of heinous crime occurs it pays a much needed respect to the death penalty in Texas, and in other state that still has the moral fortitude to do whats right and remove animals from our society. Society has no place for people who can kill toddlers and brutally massacre them on a whim.

The Victim

The Victim of the Crime was Amora Carson. This is why its a good thing we have the death penalty in Texas. let em fry! Source of Image

Its clear that these people should be burned as lethal injection is far too nice a method of putting capital murderers to death. According to the investigation by law enforcement, the murderers went shopping hours after the child was dead, and after they went shopping.

They caused injuries to the infant’s vaginal vault.

The killers claimed that Amora, the 13 month old infant, attacked herself with a hammer. Her bone breaks were in a spiral shape meaning her bones were twisted and broken, and the child had more than 15 fractures and was “badly broken” by the time police got to her.

There were also 24 adult bite marks on the toddler’s body that belonged to Blaine Milam as confirmed by DNA evidence.