The Kush Epidemic In Houston

In April, 2017, two men were arrested in Houston, Texas for manufacturing and distributing Kush, also known as synthetic marijuana. These alleged drug distributors are about to make the most important decision of their lives. Choosing the right attorney is vital in this criminal case, the maximum punishment is life in prison.

Minimum or Maximum Sentence

The sheer scope of the enterprise, 550 pounds of Kush was seized by Houston’s Police Department (HPD), is astounding ($25-million-kush-bust/1896731/).

Additionally, Texas drug laws are some of the strictest in the country. With an expert attorney, the sentences for possession of this $2.5 million worth of Kush can be the minimum, as low as five years in a state prison and a $10,000 fine.

Knowledgeable Defense Attorneys

Criminal lawyers with extensive experience interpreting The Texas Penal Code and The Texas Controlled Substances Act can provide will present the best defense. Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg essentially has the substantial evidence, Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo’s investigation began in September 2016.

Kush and Houston

Also known as K2, Kush is a mixture of various herbs combined with chemical fluids. During 2016 the number of people were treated for overdoses on the fake drug increased substantially in Houston. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported poison centers saw a 221% national increase in calls regarding Kush.  Many addicts use Kush as an alternative to crack cocaine. Although abuse of the drug is nationwide, Houston in particular developed a reputation as the place to buy the drug. Mayor Sylvester Turner implemented a hard-liner plan to address the Kush epidemic throughout the city.

These gentlemen face a zealous prosecution. The best defense is a good offense, experienced drug defense lawyers can develop the best strategies for the trial. It will be an uphill battle, after all, the defendants were arrested in an empty apartment with drug paraphernalia and manufacturing equipment. Additionally, an actual delivery was witnessed.

The Kush Epidemic of Houston, TX