Austin Jail Release Attorneys, Better than Bail Bonds

Every day in Austin people are arrested for crimes. Sometimes these folks are guilty of the offenses they’re accused of committing and other times they aren’t. Some folks are arrested for felonies while others are arrested for a misdemeanor offense. Regardless of which offense a person is accused of, the legal standard of innocent until proven guilty must apply which, in turn, guarantees a person’s release from jail pending trial.

In other words, pre-trial jail release.

Planned Pre-Trial Jail Release Services

Austin, TX Jail Release Attorneys

If you’ve been arrested, know you will be arrested, or have a friend or relative locked up in the Travis County jail, you can get them out of jail on the cheap when compared to bail bonds service, and have the funds paid towards their release to apply to their legal defense funds. All you would need to do is contact an Austin jail release attorney to secure their release from jail, or to begin to the process of doing so.

It’s important to get your people out of the county jail as soon as possible for a number of reasons. Below I’ve listed some of the main reasons to get your loved one out of jail as soon as possible.

  • The health and safety of the inmate becomes increasingly compromised the longer they’re an inmate in any county jail in Texas.
  • The ability for the inmate to maintain their job and family are compromised, leading to more societal damages.
  • The defendants needs to be free to help his criminal defense lawyer to gather the evidence and other information needed to fight the criminal charges that got them in jail in the first place.

As you can see, a person locked up in jail without a guilty finding hurts society in numerous ways. Judges in Travis County, Austin, and throughout Texas understand the standard of the presumption of innocence and what it means to society and they’re often willing, as required by law, to pass rulings in favor of the concept. This means that the money the inmate has completed the jail booking process, they can freed and released from jail. If a friend or relative of yours is locked up in the Travis County jail, you now know the truth about your options to bring them home on the cheap using an Austin jail release attorney as opposed to a bail bonds agent.