Criminal Charges Related to Cocaine and Crack are Serious

In the great state of Texas, a person who is found guilty of a criminal offense related to the illegal/controlled-substance known as cocaine, can find themselves facing stiff criminal sentencing and fines.

A few examples and informative resources related to the overbearing prosecution of cocaine related criminal offenses, not to mention major and seemingly unfounded Draconian legal consequences, review the websites/news below.cocaine

Crack and Cocaine Legal Information and News

Being a person on trial for a criminal drug crime related to cocaine, or crack, means you are in way over your head and should seriously considering setting a side a day or two to find out which criminal defense attorney would be best suited to defend you against the type of courtroom criminal prosecution you’ll face as well defend your Constitutional Right to a fair trial.

Personally, I think that criminal penalties for drug crimes, in which violence isn’t involved, should be limited to a 5 year prison sentence. After all, major corporations are allowed to sell drugs legally which in themselves are more dangerous than so called “controlled substances” to a considerable degree.

While I do believe that cocaine, heroin, meth, and other drugs are highly dangerous, I don’t think people should be getting 60 year sentences for a drug that government itself introduced to Americans. After all, it has been proven that cocaine, as well as the recipe for making crack, was done at the behest of the United States government. Jailing your own citizens for a crime that you created, seems sinister in my view.

About Criminal Charges Related to Cocaine and Crack