The Life of a Private Investigator

When you hear private eye what comes to mind? A man wearing a hat and a trench coat sitting in his car doing surveillance. Or does your mind drift to old television shows that depict a private investigator in action. He’s sitting outside someone‚Äôs home camera in hand with folders spread out on the seat next to him. Tailing a subject around town while trying to be inconspicuous. Interviewing people trying to find just the right information for his client. While some of these activities are pertinent to the job, what is shown on television and read in novels is not really all private investigation is about.

Private Investigators In Texas are not created equal.

There are many specialties among the private investigation industry. Some Houston private investigators specialize in one area like criminal defense or insurance fraud, while others offer a variety of specialties. While many of the specialties may crossover such as surveillance and backgrounds checks, there are many types of private investigators.

Fraud Investigators

Fraud is one specialty in the field. This can range from insurance fraud, welfare fraud, identity theft, pyramid schemes, and more. Another area is criminal investigations.

Criminal Detectives

Houston private investigator

Private investigators can work with law firms to help them get evidence for their cases. Defense attorneys and prosecutors can benefit from working with an investigator on their case.

Some investigators specialize in accident reconstructions. In this area the investigator will evaluate the cause of an accident and determine where it was located. They can work with insurance companies or law firms helping them figure out liability, provide answers, and gather evidence for court.

These examples are just a fraction of the different areas that comprise the field of private investigations.

Private Investigators Don’t Break the Law

Texas Private Investigators are upheld to high standards. They work hard to attain their position and will not jeopardize their livelihood by participating in illegal activities for the sake of a client. Many people believe that investigators participate in illegal activities such as breaking and entering, hacking, and trespass, record conversations with consent, or film people who are inside their home. They are not allowed to break the law to get their job done. Investigations must be completed within the confounds of the law.

All investigators are required to be licensed. Most states have stringent requirements that requires years of work to attain. Upon completing thousands of hours of work, the private investigators exam taken and passed.

Investigators cannot impersonate law enforcement officers under any circumstances. They can’t even give an implication that they are a police officer. Investigators must let individuals know that their identity. People are more forth telling when they see a badge or think someone is an officer. A private investigator is not allowed to mislead people to get information. An investigator participating in this practice would be prosecuted and have his license revoked.

A Day In The Life.

A job as a private investigator is a job like no other. No two days are alike. One day an investigator can be doing surveillance, the next he could be searching for a missing person, the next he could be performing background checks. Investigations can take weeks and months to complete. It takes patience to continue on when things go stale. But the investigator must push through to get all the information they can to help their client.

People also assume that Houston private investigators are put in danger on a consistent basis. While there is some danger involved when conducting investigations it doesn’t occur as often as people think.